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No tunes today... brain isn't cutting it. Why? 'Cause the cold season means that my sinuses are finally going to unplug, but it's apparently taking its damned sweet time.


Ah well, at least I woke up to a tiny coating of snow outside... not that it'll last. More likely than not, it'll turn into a thin layer of ice, sending the local OAPs a-skating.


I finally buckled down and asked about getting a full psychological evaluation when I was at the doctor's office yesterday. Providence conspired to force me into making an appointment, as it was time to review my hay fever prescriptions. So while I was there, it would've been stupid to not ask, right? Well, he had definitely received the promised letter from Claire, the CBT lady, and promised to add his own in the referral. I pointed out there was a family history of depression, bipolar brother, ADHD parent, etc, and that while I don't know what's 'wrong' with me, and I'm not feeling particularly depressed right now... I should bite the bullet and find out what's what.


Honestly, I don't know what I'm going to find, if I find anything out. And I'm not sure how openly I'll talk about it if I do; there are too many disgusting people who use their problems as excuses to garner attention. So many people doing it, in fact, that the societal norm of response is to give a dollop of 'Oh poor baby!'. Disgusting attention seekers thrive in it. It makes me feel filthy to receive such pointless attention. I'm not a small child, I don't need coddling, etc, etc, etc. Having said that, my friends know well that I will give the utmost of support and care when and where I can, but yeah... I do my best to not patronize anyone intentionally. :)


And that's a lot of what the 'Oh poor baby!' is - it's patronizing. It's a visible display of gratitude that oneself isn't so 'broken', so 'wrong'. Erm... yeah... keep that crap away from me. *laughs* I'm sure that there are those that would argue with me, and you know what? They might just be right - I'm aware that a lot of my view is colored heavily by my perfectionist tendencies (for all I do my best to stomp those buggers down and down).


Anyways, que sera. For now, it's time to try and get these sinuses to unplug, come hell Lemsip or high water nasal irrigation!





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Hey me'dear, I've done an eval like you are doing and I've got some of what you told him about. If you need me you know where to find me. I'll also not give you a poor baby response. ;)


As for me I have to say living as I do with some of that, I don't use my "Disabilities" to get out of doing things. It would be silly to do so. I have panic attacks and going to Germany is enough to send me into fits of panic like nothing else. I'm still going but i'll probably spend the first few days just remembering to breathe properly. LOL Anyway that not quite awake post was to say I understand what you posted about this morgen and am willing to chat if you need it. :)

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