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Need a Little Time to Wake Up



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(What's the Story?) Morning Glory: [[



This was the first, well... I say non-single I liked, but it was a single... just not on my local radio. *smiles* After several listen-throughs of the albums back after buying it, this was the main song that stood out of otherwise boggy bullshit. I've not magically become an Oasis fan since I've 'become British' (nevermind that I'm not a citizen yet, and outside of speaking more dialects of English, am the same person), but I figured this did the trick for filling my song 'requirement' this morning.




Really, I'm not sure why I'm still doing this. This place is pretty damned dead, and I'm sure the fact that it keeps being shoved back into maintenance mode doesn't help encourage people to want to be around. Plus, it makes me rather uncomfortable that one of my friends keeps evincing amazement about this whole blogging thing. I don't do this to be the bestest most popular blogger, and I resent anything coached to me in forms of popularity playing games - I'm not five, and don't do that shit. Honestly, why do so many people think in such gross terms? I'd rather NOT blog than hear that kind of crap - I do not, repeat, do not work on those terms. I appreciate being recognized for the things I do - I'm human, after all. But considering I routinely shed people from my life for trying to drag me into these childish games? Yeah...


But unfortunately, that's how people around here work. 'Everyone' supposedly is just trying to one up each other, rather than working together to try to make things better. It's kind of really gross, and I accept, never going to change. But that's why I fade, I fade... there's just really nothing for me here (outside of friends, obviously, but I do encourages those to connect to me outside of these confines). And, thinking about it, why do I even want to stick around through the last book? The only people I've talked about the last two with aren't even from here - one is from a very minor backwater (who happens to be my dungeon master), and the other was a friend from high school.


Anyways, my apologies - I didn't mean to take such a gloomy turn. But that's part of why I blog in the morning - I'm not awake, so my walls are down more. I consider it a fun experiment to try and let nearly pure and unfiltered thought come out. Though I am a guarded person, I generally do my best to give as true and honest a slice of me upon request, but... perhaps I'm more guarded than I think, and this is more the real me? Eh well, these are all questions for warmer days, and these days are the coldest yet. *smiles and waits for snow*




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I was going to give up on all this blogging stuff and shelve these Jordan books...But I encourage you, as well as myself, to carrry on. Your memories of Oasis struck off similar memories in my own life half a world away in central Michigan. That band ruled my world for years.


Now I've read all manner of fantasy books. There will never be (for good or ill) a writer to open the door to his own world in such detail. Maybe it was the early fight scenes that drew me in, or the detailed depiction of life in Tar Valon. Could it have been just the Prologue of EotW? The Wheel is one of those things I think will be debated forever and ever. Just like Lord of the Rings.

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I've been reading these books for 13, 14 years, and have read the bulk of the more than 30 times. I've been staff on and off here for the better part of a decade. My goose, mon ami, is fairly cooked. :) I sincerely doubt the final book will bring me any surprises - the newest didn't. The one before it didn't. I don't have any real interest in debating the books; the only reason I ever wandered into fandom was because I had to find someone to bounce with over the cleansing of Saidin; my mother and sister refused to get on reading the book, and I refused to spoiler it for them. And while I off and on do the roleplaying here (surely, the most vibrant and overlooked nest of community on the site), writing is the least of and thoroughly most annoying of my hobbies. Unlike my darling Warder of eight+ years, I don't need it as a creative outlet. And the only reason I even state my intent to fade off is out of respect for my friends; it gives them time to nab contact details if they didn't have it already. I knew when I came back this time around it was likely to be good-bye, or at least 'see you in passing', so. :) As it were, I do still talk to the nearest and dearest of my friends I've met over the years elsewhere (Facebook, other forums, etc), so it's not been a waste... but compared to the place that drew me in, this is a diet, sugar-free soda... not so good. ;)


I guess I can thank it, however, for indirectly leading me to my husband - if it hadn't been for an acquaintance mentioning a cute little net game, our paths would have never crossed. But that world is a much more caring, kinder, and cohesive one, and it suits me best. But then, I am a bit of a fatalist, so...


Back to the coffee for me! The brain, she's still half-asleeps.




[[radio edit]] I should mention, as I might've before,t hat this is my secondary blog. My 'real' blog is elsewhere, though I cannot claim it to be more interesting at current. But like this one, I do it every day, just 'cause I'm ornery and like the 'challenge'. ;)

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Rae I'm not really awake yet either. *sighs* So this may not be cohesive. *laughs*


I think Elgee would kill me if I left DM. *laughs* Although I feel your pain, besides the RP side I don't really do much. Although I can't do much there right now because I hate having to have another window open and click back and forth so I can read the damn thread I'm replying too. Drives me up the frickin wall.


As to the books, I don't debate them at all, well with the one exception of recently to a new Novice who asked, otherwise I debate other books but really the WOT hold little interest to me anymore. I stay around DM because of my bondeds really. Sure I want to know what happens but I don't need to have it answered right this second. I have the newest book on hold at the library and am okay with waiting till whenever it comes in.


Last note quickly you have me and my warder beat by four years. *laughs* That's impressive your the first two I've known who have had a longer bond then me. Most bonds last like a year at most it seems. <3

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There are actually a few that can claim longer, still valid bonds. Ben-T and Ladria, for example - that one is about 10 and a half years old. I should know - I was cross at her for stealing a professed Brown-loving boychick! *giggles* Nah, I love them both much muchly, so I wasn't terribly bent out of shape then, or now. Mellyn and Souvan are of a similar duration as well, though neither have really been active around Dragonmount in many years. Some would say that it doesn't count for that reason, but they still count it... that's good enough for me.


But it's as we've discussed before - people hop into bonding without really thinking about how important it's supposed to be, and then find out it wasn't as advertised. I know this isn't ALWAYS the case, and there are lots of perfectly happy bonds, but still...


And oh.my.god, I know what you mean about the replying. I cannot STAND how these forums work, AT all. There is nothing I have seen outside of blogging capability that is an improvement on the old set, nothing. *sighs*

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I had meant to reply to this after you posted and didn't. *eye roll* I'm glad to know that there are more people bonded longer then me. *laughs* I thought it was sort of a commodity that Visar and I were bonded for so long. We are working on five years now. *faints* LOL I have to say sometimes a jump bond works. Visar and I are a good example. I bonded him because I liked his avatar on the site I was on. I wouldn't recommend it though. Its been a long hard road with occasional stops where we both were thinking of breaking it off.


As to the replying thing....it only gets worse. I was trying to do you know work RP side and I have to quote everything because if I don't I can't refer back to it. I work when i'm half awake I have to read everything. *laughs* I keep bugging Elgee about when we are going to get out of this damn maintenance mode. I have a PM waiting for me so I can get two people the approval to go forward with there RP. *head desk*

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Yeah, I was having a few nice conversations in private message that I'd like to pick back up, buuut... And yeah, Matalina and I would probably both agree that we didn't expect the relationship to end up being so significant in the scheme of things, but we're both happy that it is.

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