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Diablo II

Rasheta Ardashir




The above is actually a really good song. *laughs* I was a little suprised because the organ version is just slightly creepy. *laughs*


This isn't going to be important its just going to be a gamer rant. LOL


I started playing the game again yesterday and the damn thing is super addicting. I play long into the night. *laughs*


Well I started with a Sorceress and she's making her way through the levels to be a lightning Sorc. I realized in order to get a certain mastery of things I need to ACTUALLY put points into something other then Warmth, but damn it all I want my Mana to always be up, I hate being mid battle and hearing "I need Mana." Dear god that annoys me. The Sorc is only good if she has mana. Which is kind of like in the first game the Wizard is only good after you finally get him the good spells. Then he can go crazy and its more effective to buy a bunch of mana potions then it is to buy him blood potions. However, getting to that point takes A LOT of dying but if you can do it, it can be worth it....although that's another thing in the second game you can't buy Mana! *cries* So I have to find the damn things. *cries again* Takes forever!


I had an old Amazon character that I attempted to pick up and play again yesterday but I don't remember what I'm doing with her so I stopped playing pretty quick. I may delete her and try again, I know she's a bow Amazon, because mine always are, but its hard for me to remember i'm not playing a Sorc. My ex used to play Sorc just so that I wouldn't because he convinced me it was bad to have two of them running around together. Wellllllllll I should have just said F that and played one anyway but I didn't. So now i'm getting it out of my system *laughs*. I wish I had someone to play with though. I just ranted at my non warder that I needed his damn Necromancer to make life easier. LOL He was like....too bad. and I went DAMN. *ggls*





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Mmm, Diablo... maybe. I booted up Evil Genius last night here on the PC, and I've got a Legacy game in progress on the laptop. I think I need the dual hit to help wash away the 'rents. *grins*


Hope you had a good turkey day, if not for the cliched face-stuffing. I think you're one of very few I can believe counted their blessings. ;)

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