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The dreaded "L" word

Rasheta Ardashir



While I was out with my sister and several of her friends, I was listening to the conversations around me and I realized just how much we in America use the word "Love" to mean anything from, "your a great friend" to "I just like this movie/game/thing" a lot. Which struck me as a little odd, i've been learning in my German class that in Germany, you aren't considered a "friend" unless you've known the other person for years. You really have to develop a good long standing relationship with the other person. Where as here we throw the word around like its almost meaningless. The same with the L word. The word "Love" should denote something more then, just "I like this game I'm playing a lot."


Personally I was brought up in such a situation that I do NOT use the L word often. I don't even spell it out as you can see. So it means something when I say it too someone. Although with recent experiences with several people who I thought were my friends I'm even less inclined to use the word. When you tell someone something personal about yourself and they later use it against you because, they are angry that you refuse to be brainwashed, it is an incredibly painful experience. Recently I just told one of my bondeds, and a friend who I am not bonded too several things that happened when I was younger that are of the painful to remember nature and i've known them for awhile. One of them since I got hier to DM. The other is my newest bonded. I do L word both of them and its hard to even say that. They know I do <3 them though. I don't even say that to some of my extended family! Yay for being the black sheep *eye roll*


Anyway this ramble was to say that I think we should really look at how we throw around words. The more we use certain ones the less meaning they have like the L word.




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