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No Song for You! :)




spigots or caudrens  

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Wow, time is sneaking away from me this morning, so no song for you. We're having pleasant conversation, sort of. I keep finding ways to jack my mother's stress levels up, such as discussing closing my American bank accounts:


You have a safe deposit box?

No, that's the other savings account I had to open. Remember? You kept stealing all my money, so I moved it there so you couldn't get to it.



And, y'know, the fact that she accused me of heroin chic when I was 14, and I thought she was accusing me of using needle drugs. I kind of stayed in one fuck of a depressive state for a good year+ because of that. She retorted that she might've said it twice, but how was saying it even once appropriate? Silly woman. *snorts* I won't even get into yesterday's discussion where she avoided answering why she never got me diagnosed for anything, outside of mentioning that her oh-so-supposedly valid excuse was, 'Your brother was worse.' Good job... how is that legit?


Anyways, I think they're going to go into town today, and we're going to go make with the working. Working is good; it puts food on the table. Plus, I'm making real progress on getting things sorted to blast through pre-Christmas, so it's a good feeling.





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Yeah, I think Neil and I were both hoping that we could let our hair down and relax a bit... hasn't quite happened that way. Glad to see life spitting you up, though! You've been missed. <3

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<3 back at Rae, I missed you too! I was out sick for two days and then playing catch up at school. Found out I was a sitter and got to work on that, and you know worked for Elgee. *laughs*


On topic though, may the next few days bring you peace and quiet. :) and if not and you need to chew nails i'm happy to hold the jar for you to spit them in. ;) <3

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