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Who Do You Need, Who Do You Love



Come Undone: [[Song//Lyrics]]


This is probably my favorite song for the year it came out - 1993. My musical tastes were as-of-yet unformed (I was in a pop/top-100 stage of it, ha ha), but this song has definitely stuck with me through the years.


Thankfully, I'm not coming undone as much this morning - Neil is taking my parents to the town centre and ditching them. Bwahahahaha! But really, they're going to walk around a bit, and then hop a bus over to Oxford to go exploring. I expect we won't see them until much later, and I think that's probably for the best for all of us. I blame Mellyn, really - she was too perfect a guest, and it makes my parents and their space-filling faults all the more obvious..






Whatever the quality of this visit (which, I'm sure, will be remembered fondly after the fact... maybe), it will be a relief to have a clear house again. I definitely need regrouping time after so much home invasion. And I guess I can say that I've learned a lesson - don't let visits happen quite so closely. But then, my parents HAD initially said they'd be coming NEXT week, so kind of their fault if I'm extra-irritable; they didn't give me proper space.




Mmm, gonna go take my preoccupied self and make sure the kiddo isn't chewing any live wires.




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