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I'm Hung Up on Gravity




The Waydown: [[



This is Modest Mouse. This is old Modest Mouse. I have been aware of the band, and a fan to some degree, for many many moons. I guess it must've been 2000, 2001 when I first heard of them from my dear friend and drinking buddy, Chris McGee (cousin to American McGee, who is too much of a bastard to visit his granny in hospital. I did, but he didn't, so he can suck it). He was probably the first friend of mine that could be said to definitely be into indie music; most of my friends to then were more for alternative, goth, and ambient/idm. I'm always glad for new things to love and appreciate, so it fits in well... even if I am still mildly annoyed at how many mainstream morons hopped on this band the second they had a breakthrough single... but that was also because of the commandeering of geek chic while STILL shitting on geeks themselves.




I'm not sure that I really have much today, as my yesterday was filled up with waiting. Waiting. Waiting. One of my friend's water broke yesterday, so I was up all day offering the occasional word of encouragement (such as reminding her to eat and breathe), and waiting for the hopefully good news. She's had a half dozen miscarriages, so this is her first to term pregnancy. I had to go to bed before the news was sprung, but when it was, it was good. After the once and former Lylana's loss of her son two and a half years ago, I tend to think extra-hard good thoughts for all my friends, and especially for people who haven't had an easy time getting to that point. And this particular friend hasn't had it easy - she's had the miscarriages (family history thereof), she freaking got cancer last year (regression - yay!), and just... she's always kept a spirit of kindness, selflessness, and warmth.


Plus, she stroked my ego for finally understanding -why- I was so 'ack, hands off me!' when I was pregnant. Tiny kitty was pleased, she was. *giggles* But it was nice - we bonded, because she knew she could bitch about things and that I'd get it. And not get on her case to do things x or y way. It was good; I was flattered to get to share with her. I like sharing with people, hee hee.


I don't really know what to say past that for now. I'll save baby-related blather for my 'real' blog, if only so I have something to say today. ;)





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