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I Can't Breathe




Dollhouse: [[



Queen of Overdramatic I am, woo hoo! But the subject line is the main thing that I'm using it for - I can't breathe, the congestion is too much.


Well, I guess I can argue that, while being a good song, the lyrics do resonate on a level higher than the snot-based one. I would be lying to say otherwise. I do lock myself behind walls so people don't know that their words, their actions hurt. There are too many people out there that delight in provoking a response, and I'll be damned if I give them what they want. This has the unfortunate side-effect of convincing everyone that you're a target, that you should be torn at, that you can take it... when no, nobody can. But these cases serve to teach interesting lessons on who should be included in one's life, who should be excluded and shunned... not enough people use shunning as they should. I know that some people will complain that it's passive aggressive, but really - would you rather aggressive in your face, a fist, a blow? No, I didn't think so. :)


Which, y'know, once again - be excellent to each other... with caveats.


TV is currently reminding me of a dangerous drug - praise. I'll up that to attention in general, and how many people act out for attention. This means that people who generally deserve notice don't get it, because someone is running around crying about he or she needs attention to make up for their supposedly horrible life, or whatever. This also works another dangerous way - people get overly praising to cover all the bases, thereby robbing well-intentioned kindness of its import. While I don't have any course of action to suggest on this (other than the recommended middle road), I merely proffer it as food for thought.


That, and I don't think I can put together a more complete thought right now, ha ha.





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