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When Fools Can be Kings




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Knights of Cydonia: [[



I'm not really a Muse fan, per se; the first time I heard the band, I thought wossface from Radiohead had a side project that wasn't so gloomy. It's obvious now that this wasn't the case, but it definitely confused me at first! But really, you'd have to be soulless to not like this song - it's gallopy in the same pony strum way that makes people love Europe's song 'The Final Countdown'.


Now, to lazily adapt something from my Livejournal post of yesterday. I do my best to post different things at different locales, but this merits repeating here on Dragonmount:


I finished the new WoT book yesterday morning... not really sure I have more than a meh opinion. Oh, don't get me wrong - it was well-written and parts made me giggle and sniffle appropriately. But there weren't any real surprises for me; all the 'big' things I'd figured out years ago. Oh sure, it's nice having confirmation on them, but... I wouldn't mind being surprised. No, the only surprise was that there were more peoples' names sprinkled in in such a way as to make it feel more fanfic than cannon; I sincerely hope the final volume will cut back on the trend. It's one thing when it's a person's real name being used for part of a village name (very tastefully done, I admit), but it's quite another when it's straight handle, or (in at least one case) the person's SECOND incarnation in as many books. Love you, person in question... but not in my books. ;) And, of course, there were a handful of other handles and name adaptations that snuck in that I rolled my eyes at (not from the donator's list, that is), but I didn't sit there with a notebook writing them all done. If I had, I might've found where Eadon Sedai was hiding. ;)


Otherwise, there's not much going on in the thought mill. I got slammed by a mega-wave of sick yesterday, and while I think the worst has receded, the past few weeks suggests that it comes and goes stealthily. I don't much relish another day where I feel so poorly that I give in and nap. Naps usually make me feel worse; it vaguely helped yesterday - a miracle. I don't do well with being sick anyways, 'cause I don't like having to baby myself. But really, I guess we shall see what there is to see... ;)


Back to Simming, and watching the trainwreck that is Cooks Source. If you've not see anything about that - hit Google and groan.





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