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Celebration (Sort of)




Celebration: [[



Okay, there's really not a lot a lot to celebrate on the back of the midterms, but it's not all doom and gloom, either. Dallas county continues to be a Democratic stronghold in the north (hooray for Eddie B!), and while the silly dry laws have been voted out (thank fuck), I'm kind of baffled that people voted for letting the city sell off park land. Elgin B. Robertson Park is likely to end up going to land developers hoping to make a mega-mint selling more lakeside houses (sigh). As for the other, Joey Georgusis Park... it's in West Dallas, which those of us in East Dallas insist don't exist, so I'm not that familiar with it. Looking on Googlemaps, I guess, based on the area, the argument that it's worthless scrubland could be taken as semi-valid... but it still sits poorly.


Anyways, there's a good sum-up on the DMN's City Hall blog.


And, of course, Texas is stuck with Rick Perry... again. The less said about that, the better; I just hope he decides to run for President in 2012, bomb it miserably, and go crawl into a duct and get stuck. I'm guessing it won't happen, but a girl can dream. -__-



In other news, I found my mind running over the promiscuity of my younger years. I couldn't even tell you what put my mind on that path, but I started thinking about a particular situation where I'd not clarified my relationship status with one particular bloke, so it surprised me when he went a little batshit at me sleeping with him one night, and an ex the night. Perhaps it's just serving as a reminder to continue to actually define my relationships, though this particular situation isn't particularly relevant any more. It's not like I'm changing men like some women wear clothing anymore; men were an easier game than shopping, hee hee.


But I know that's why I eye askance at people who think it's 'cute' or 'fun' to be an e-slut; I know the secret of it all, after all. I know it's about trying to define yourself by attention received, to exert power and control over other people. And I admit, I didn't even do it maliciously - I just took it for granted that boys wanted me, and that I could have my way with almost any boy that I so desired to. So knowing this, do I try to stop people from having 'fun'? No, no.. I just don't want to see people go down a dark and potentially STI-laden path to dissatisfaction, to loneliness, to emptiness of self. I'm sure there would be some that would argue with me that I know nothing and that they know all, but... *taps nose* Been there, done that... a lot. ;) Now, if only I could remember an accurate count... 50+, surely... *shakes head*


Anyways, that's MORE than enough for today, so off I putter!





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