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Never Again is What You Swore the Time Before




Policy of Truth: [[Lyrics//Song]]


I think all I can say is - quoted for truth! *laughs* That, and it's a fabulous song, one I've been fond of most of my life.



I spotted a really good quote compliments of Mellyn yesterday. It is:


'It is normative for communities that when they no longer believe that they have control over their own lives or can positively influence their future they become dispirited and dysfunctional.'


The first thing I did was laugh, and declare, "Welcome to DM!" I don't know what I can really say past that, I admit... it kind of says it all. Besides, I'd rather people reflect on it as it stands than have my take on things shoved down their throats; I am very supportive of people having their own opinions. :biggrin:


Anyways, wossit... it's Friday, hooray! And Leah gave us the best gift any child can give their parents in the morning - the chance to sleep through not one, but two bouts of snooze! She even joined us between snoozes, waking up with wide-eyed wonder and a small smile at the curious sound. Curiously frightening in my opinion - it's the damned opening bars from the Chicken Song. It was sweet - I like an armful of happy baby in the morning, and while she's never having a nuclear meltdown, she does sometimes get her fuss on. And me and my poor slow-to-wake brain... well. *chuckles*


I think... yeah, I'm going to go do my NationStates stuff for the morning, and go blow this popsicle stand to get a drop of Evil Genius in before work this morning - ta! <3



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