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The Force Unleashed 2: First Thoughts. *SPOILERS!*




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Okay, just finished up playing through The Force Unleashed 2. My verdict? Not worth my hard-earned sixty dollars. Here's four reasons why.



1.Poor Length.


When I play a game, I generally hope to get enough play time to keep me satisfied for a few days, at least. I got Fable 3 on the 26th, still playing through it. The Force Unleashed 2? Bought it today, beat it in less than six hours. The main difference between the two? Fable 3 has CONTENT. The whole game seems rushed, like they didn't have time to go back and fix all the problems with the script, then the acting...well, coulda shoulda, right? Rushed or not, they released a game that's too short to be considered anywhere reasonable for the price tag.


2. Worse than the First.


The Force Unleashed was by no means the perfect Star Wars game, but it had the heart of a Star Wars game. A tortured young protagonist, raised in evil, forced to come to grips with where his path is leading him in a flurry of lightsabers and cheesy, overwrought dialogue that still somehow manages to be enjoyable.

In contrast, the second game goes something like this: A tortured young protagonist, possibly created and raised in evil, forced to come to grips with what might be his past and his possible future with the woman he loves in a flurry of his two lightsabers and cheesy, overwrought dialogue that fails to satisfy, delivered by the same voice actors from the first game, yet somehow not as believably. It's amusing, really. The plot of the game follows what might be a clone of Starkiller, the hero of the first game, as he tries to figure out who he is while searching for the woman Starkiller(who he may or may not be) loved. This second game might as well be an inferior clone of the first. Not surprising given the history of the medium, I know, but it's still irritating.


So, in summation, the first was better. Oh yeah, if you liked the Jedi Boss Battles from the first game, that's gone. Now you get a giant boss battle ala God of War early on in the game. And the obligatory Darth Vader fight at the end. That's it. Well, there's a giant robot, but it's not much of a fight. Also, if you liked fighting rancors, too bad, that's gone too. You get to fight droids instead. Lots of droids. Liked the interplay between the characters? Liked watching them change and grow? Too bad, that's gone too. Instead you get to listen to Kota(The wizened mentor) harangue Starkiller(who may or may not be a clone) about saving the galaxy, and Starkiller(who still may or may not be a clone) replying that he doesn't care, he's in it for Juno(The love interest). Just don't expect to see much of Proxy(The lovable, comedic droid sidekick), he has maybe fifteen lines in the whole game. Sorry, I'm not so good at summarizing. Ack, almost forgot. If you liked having your color and power crystals separate in the first game, sorry, you get to have the color crystal and power crystal be the same!


3. Terrible Dialogue


Not a lot I can say about this, really. Well, maybe a little. When you have a climactic final battle where the antagonist is trying to lure the protagonist over to “The Dark Side”, and to “Forget about the girl” it helps if the protagonist at least acts tempted instead of shouting that he is going to kill the antagonist over and over again. Hell, it helps when the protagonist says something other than the same three or four phrases over and over and over again in slightly different ways. And maybe if he actually learns the fine art of volume control instead of shouting or whispering everything.


4. Dagobah Fake out


Yes, it's a little thing, but I was looking forward to having Starkiller run around with Yoda on his back, possibly with “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background. Instead I get a few paragraphs worth of dialogue and a force vision. Oh, and a few minutes of running down a single path. Oh yeah, and the force vision isn't even playable. Dagobah's mostly a cinematic.

4. Lack of Level Variety

There are five levels in TFU2. Oh, they're broken up into seperate sub-levels, but there are five locations you go to in the entire game. You start on Kamino, which makes sense, seeing as how you might be a clone and all. For those of you who aren't Star Wars fans, Kamino is the planet where the Grand Army of the Republic was cloned from the DNA of a single man. From there you head to Cato Nemoidia to meet up with your old mentor, Jedi Master Kota. From there you head to Dagobah. After the ten, fifteen minutes you spend there is up, you're off to the Rebel Fleet, which you then lead back to the final conflict at Kamino. That's right, I counted Kamino twice. Just don't count on encountering any Kaminoans while you're there.


There are other things I could nitpick over, but those are most of the major irritants. I really wanted to like this game, I really did. I mean, it looks nice, but looks alone aren't worth sixty dollars. I would pay twenty, maybe thirty dollars for what they're peddling for twice the price. What's worst of all, we'll probably get DLC within the first month or so after it's release. I haven't done any research, but it's short enough to leave me wanting something more, and maybe desperate enough to spend extra money for an hour or two of extra content. Here's an idea, developers. Finish your games! Here's another. Well, more of a notification. Spider-Man did the clone thing to death in the nineties!


So yeah, if you need to play this game, I would recommend renting it. I'll be taking my copy back to the store to see if I can't get a fraction of what I spent back.



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