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My mental health treatment




I saw the psychiatrist today. He tweaked my meds, although he didn't exactly change them. He changed the times, and switched one to a timed release version. This should help me sleep better at night, which has been an issue. It also should keep a consistent blood level of the drug, which should mean less ups and downs throughout the day. We really hit it off and I look forward to this doc/patient relationship.


This evening, I got some clarity on something else that I've been searching for. I'm looking for my next passion - something to get really excited about. Apparently, I need to emotionally divorce myself from the one that I'm moving away from even more than I have. Okay, I haven't really. I've only said I want to. Today, I started really doing it. When there is room in my life and my heart for the next exciting thing, it will appear. I am very confident on that score.


It is my hope that watching the struggles and use of life tools by this mentally ill woman will benefit someone. There are so many of us out there, and some are so lost! I was one of them for a long time. Still am, in some ways.


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Not really sure if my advice is welcome, as it might be somewhat critical. I'll try to give you concrete advice rather than vague, abstract or escapist ideas such as "finding your guiding star". Not that I mean any disrespect towards Samuraiflip05, but I prefer to be down to earth.


I advise you to work out very, very hard. Run, bike, exhaust yourself to an insane degree. Burn at least a thousand calories every day. Ask a trainer for advice, or your doctor. Go out in nature, try not to spend time indoors unless you have to. You can find Wheel of Time audiobooks, load them on your mp3 player and go out for a walk while "reading".


This will make your body work properly, create endorphins and get you so exhausted you'll fall asleep anywhere.


Secondly, eat healthy. Can't even stress its importance.


Last but not least: read up on your condition as a human being. It might help you understand the world better if you looked it right in the eye. Look, everything is not "going to be OK", a "guiding star" won't come from anywhere. Your life belongs to yourself, there is no higher power controlling the universe and our lives. If you don't admit that, you might always drift around waiting for signs and whatever bullshit from someone else.


There are many books you can read out there. Personally, I recommend you "The fear of freedom" by Erich Fromm. It doesn't take long to read. You can find a free copy on scribd.com.


The book talks a lot about "original thought", is a thought and decision which belongs entirely to an individual, rather than being constrained or induced by the demands of social living. It encourages a critical insight in our own choices. Do we do what really makes us happy, or what is expected or demanded of us? Maybe we do things because we are afraid of being alone.


Well, you don't have to agree with the book, its not trying to sell you anything. And neither am I.


I'm just tired of seeing so many confused people seeking help, and all they get is, as I said above, abstract and romantic babble.





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