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History and Hellsing.

Rasheta Ardashir




This mornings song is kind of weird, its the rock opening to Black Lagoon, an anime. Its not bad as far as the beat goes. The lyrics are a bit on the wonky side but I guess it works for the anime.


I don't know what to write about this morning. Which is a bit weird usually I have a topic in mind when I wake up. In other news we in the Green Ajah got a new Captain General so that's good. I have high hopes for her, I think she'll whip us into shape. *laughs*


I started reading/watching a show/manga called Hellsing. Its a vampire story. I never thought i'd see a vampire story done well or different from all the other stories. I don't count Twilight as a Vampire story...it isn't. Vampires are the dark twisted part of human nature, or they are supposed to be. So I went into it kind of like meh. Well its pretty much amazing, its done well and the dub is nothing short of spectacular. Right on par with the dub to Cowboy Bebop if not better. Since Hellsing is set in England it was hard for me to take it seriously in Japanese, not that the Voice Actors for it in that language were bad but in England it was just like...no I need to hear a British accent. Well the dub certainly delivered that. There is a character in it that is so stereotypical french I couldn't stop laughing, sadly he dies which made me nearly cry. I was like nooooooooo I loved him. *laughs* Totally weird i'm upset over a fictional character. Anyway I think my fave part of the book/show so far is when the leader of Hellsing, is giving the French Mercenaries there instructions and she goes through a list of things they need to use to stop vampires, garlic, holy water etc. So she gets to the end of her list and says, "If you need further instructions read Bram Stoker." I haven't a clue why that was so funny to me but it was. *eyes her DP* Maybe I was on something when I saw it. *laughs*


Today I got to use my major in school, which is history, I LOVE debating history. I generally win the debate I think only my Warder has gotten the better of me and I think it was only once. *laughs* Recently I haven't gotten to use my major much. Since i'm taking German and Chem and before that it was a bunch of Math and humanities classes. So its been awhile and I certainly miss it. I'm not much into more modern history so up to about 1330 A.D. or so. Start of the 100 years war and the Black Death is around where I get sketchy. Oddly of the more "Modern" history I do enjoy studying about WWII. I DO think its sad that all most Americans remember about that is that the Japanese bombed Pearl and what Hitler did in Europe. Well that's a start but I think people should REALLY go deeper then that. The poor Germans are usually only remembered in books and movies now as having the Nazi's and being the reason for two World Wars. Which I think is sad, they are a much more diverse culture and shouldn't just be remembered for that.


Hmmmm rather on the strange side toward the end there. *laughs* Hope you enjoyed





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Mmm, that is mega-industrial; I dig. And I've heard nothing about good when it comes to Hellsing, but... no real desire to check it out. I LOVE Cowboy Bebop though; I used to have a tiny crush on Spike. Yes, I'm a dweeb who occasionally crushes on cartoons - my first was Link back when the first Legend of Zelda game came out... blame that on the comics!


And deffo yay for the new Captain General - I like the day it heralds. :D

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Your not a dweeb Rae I crush on cartoons sometimes. *ggls* Spike is pretty much on the this side of amazing. Maybe one day i'll be thin enough to cosplay as Faye from Bebop. *laughs* I'm cracking up that you thought Link was cute. My brother is a HUGE Zelda fan. I should be like...sooo mike Rae crushed on Link. He might be like oh god don't tell me that. *ggls*


Hellsing is pretty good. As i've said, you just have to be in the right mood I guess for it. Which lets face it isn't often. *laughs* Its pretty bloody, and suchlike.

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I cosplayed as Link once ;) And will probably again one day! (makes link noise AAAAAHHH!)

Hellsing is pretty cool.

And world war two is a fascinating topic, with so many many many perspectives on it. After all, most of the world was involved, and it happened relatively recently so there are so many surviving records of it you can't sort through them all in one or even ten lifetimes.

I personally am very interested on what went on in the Eastern Front between Russia and Germany. I've studied about the siege of Leningrad (st. petersburg) before and related topics, and the vast level of human tragedy in that area is simply mind numbing. Which is why people should know about it, what total war in such brutal scale does to people, and memories even generations after.

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My brain shuts down trying to process that specific topic, Visar.. but it IS fascinating. My Russian teachers would occasionally start muttering stuff about that amongst other bits of history, buuut... that was many many moons ago.


And woot for Link! <3

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