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Lack of sleep

Rasheta Ardashir



I woke up two hours before I had to be up today, with a very catchy but terrible song stuck in my head. Hence the horrible song for the morning. Much as I love Apollo I don't want to wake up two hours early to watch the sun rise. I'd rather be sleeping.


Start of another week of school, its kind of depressing actually. We are on the downward side of the quarter which should be good but it just means that we, students, are working twice as hard then we were before. Much as I love school its a struggle to keep my head up sometimes. Especially since i'm older then most of the people in my classes and when I get to four year i'll have even more years on the students there. It makes for a hard time for me.


I probably shouldn't be so melancholy but its too damn early, and the Pepper crack hasn't kicked in yet. Plus it looks like i'm going to have to dissolve another bond or bonds. My Rp side warder is very busy and LOA, which is fine and understandable but I can't keep finding reasons for him to be gone from whatever we are doing. He's going to be upset but really what else am I gonna do? I can't even get in touch with him. Last time I talked to him was over the summer and that was once for about half an hour. My other warder, well he's a gem. I think I ranted to him about this for about an hour and he was very sweet about the whole thing. Although he DID just say "Do whatever you think is best." *laughs* NOT the answer I was hoping for but probably what I needed to hear. Curse warders for saying whatever is needed.


On an unrelated note, the song of the day now seems to be "Funhouse" by Pink. I'd much rather have that stuck in my head. *laughs*




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What Elgee said - naughty woman! And thankfully, I don't know that song by Pink, so I'm scot-free!


*runs off cackling*

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I don't much like pop anything; I'm more for rock and roll. There's a few things in the middle, like The Hush Sound and The Kimberly Trip that I like, but not super-muchmuch. So the whole 'I like x and y because they write their own tunes!' kind of makes me buh - rock people have just about always written their own music, hee hee.


Having said that, I think the husband fellow would argue that Pink is rock, and that I'm just being mean. But she's never done anything that's particularly caught my interest, so. :)

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