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Under the Radar




No time to find a song, no time - trying to write this in the 2 minutes that my child is out of the room. While the tooth that has been tormenting her has actually broke the surface now, she's still stressed enough to be putting me completely on edge. Yes, got to love a week of being completely on edge before 10am, but that's just what I've gotten. ><


Still, her father has been wonderful about taking her off for a few minutes here and there so I can finish writing things. She was getting especially cantankerous last night, so rather than let me reach the point of pure frazzle (I was in the pre-phase that includes constantly bugged out eyes), he took her off so I could finish my efforts in relative peace. And lo, my 2.5 arches were completed (and accepted - even better!).


I think it was a neat compromise - the spirit of the task was maintained, and I didn't have to ruin a character by planning out her extremely prophecised future. I was actually talking about it with Rasheta last night - the two examples of Arches are EXTREMELY foretelling, and we can see that most of Egwene's hints have happened from hers. Nynaeve's are still not fully realized, but the groundwork is in place for those bits which are not. Though having said that, I do have some idea of what might have happened in Milandra's third arch unseen to us all... but RAFO. *wink*


And the child is back, so I flee before I do my brain a damage of trying to write while a tiny one is making annoyed noises!





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