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Call for WoT Researchers




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Open Call for Freelanders Researchers



The Freelanders RP Group is looking for researchers to help with the creation of a resource website for the various nations and cultures from WOT-Land for Role Playing purposes. The research will be mainly antropology in nature.


Note: anyone can apply, you don't need to be a roleplayer.


1. Mainland nations Researchers


These researchers will each take on one nation for which they will collect referenced material on that nation’s cultural enheritance such as particular dress codes, traditions, number of noble houses (no names), geographical mapping (including names of towns, villages, rivers, streams, hills, mountains, etc), local holidays, beliefs, sayings, greetings, language, superstitions, etc.

The nations are: Arafel, Saldea, Shienar, Cairhien, Tear, Altara, Andor, Illian, Murandy, Amadicia, Ghealdan, Arad Doman, Tarabon


2. Cultural Researchers


These researchers will provide additional referenced information on the already existing resources on their appointed culture’s website.

The cultures are: Aiel, Seafolk, Seanchan, Tinkers and Ogier.


This resource website will play a big part in shaping the landscape for the Role Play environment of the Portal Stone World on Dragonmount.com.

As such, we are aiming for high quality, high reliability and high accuracy.


I am looking for serious and committed people that are willing to put in the necessary effort to do this right and don’t shy from extensive research work which includes going through the official resources to find the necessary references. People who take pride in the quality and reliability of their work and have a certain level of responsibility towards those that are counting on them.


Researchers who make a significant contribution to this goal will receive a permanent reference on the website and (in case they are active role players) gain the privelege of playing an NSW training character in the Freelanders’ Guild of their choice, effectively making them Training Staff for that particular Guild.




If you are interested in one of the above mentioned positions, send me a pm with the following information:


Title of pm: ‘Application for FL Mainland/Cultural Researcher’

Motivation: why you wish to take this on

Intended research method: what you have in mind on how you’ll go about it

RP info: are you an active Role Player (not mandatory for this position)? Which Division (RP Groups) do you belong to with what characters? Are you interested in playing an NSW training character and if so for which Guild?



There is no deadline to this application. Depending on the number of researchers that we find, we'll take applications on a case to case basis.




Freelanders RP Group Leader


Source: Call for WoT Researchers



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