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Within the Sound of Silence




Sounds of Silence [[Song/Lyrics]]


Oh, not that there was much of that last night, nooo. Batman decided to clank something around the bedroom that woke us ALL up, and then proceed to claw up the carpet as loudly as he felinely could. Thankfully, it didn't take too much to get the baby settled down; I gave her a quick snuggle, and an extra blanket, and she was out. Me... it took me a bit to get back under. Not much of a surprise; I don't think I got to sleep that easily in the first place last night. It was a... draining... day. I got myself stuck in a crazy loop first thing in the morning, and between that and Leah's eXtreme teething dramas... thank goodness today is Saturday? *chuckles*


Oh, and I managed to get my playlist for Tuesday's show done - science! This means one less thing to do today... not that I intended to do super-much, either. I'd like to try and do some roleplay writing, but I suspect that's not likely to happen as I'd like it to. No, we'll probably just curl up with a pot of coffee and watch The Hobbit, and let the world go by! Oh, and I guess I should try to do a D&D post, lest my DM eat me...


But yesyes, off I potter.




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I swear your cat and mine are evil twins separated by an ocean. My word they are alike. *laughs* It kind of freaks me out when Max, my cat, sits in my lap and stares at me typing. I swear she's going to take over the world one day. She'll just need humans to turn her fire on for her. So she can lay in front of it. *head shake*


Have a good lazy day, *nods* play some LoTr online or whatever you Browns do in your time off. *ggls* CJ told me today you were SUCH a brown. I was like yip that's Rae. *laughs*

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