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Rasheta Ardashir



I woke up this morning freezing and with the weirdest song stuck in my head My odd song Charis if you see it, I think he sings the song well, but I wouldn't know because i myself am not a singer. LOL


Speaking of singers, I really detest pop singers. Give me a good singer over a flashy one any day. Plus I think the pop singers do more for the objectification of women then even actresses do. Which is sayin something. Course then there are pop singers like Lady Gaga who are, lets face it, just shudder worthy. I can't imagine anyone wanting to be like Lady Gaga. Although I did have someone at a club tell me that I should like Lady Gaga because she went to Julliard. Which i'm not sure what that has to do with anything. I'm not obligated to like someone just because of the school they went too.


My mom told me awhile ago that I should like my slightly creepy cousin because she was a pagan like me. I was like that's not a basis for a friendship. I don't like people just because of one reason, a commonality is good but doesn't mean i'm going to like you right away or ever. I'm picky. *laughs* And once I am friendly with someone I don't just defend them till the end because they are my friend. I have a brain and I use it. I really hate it when i'm friends with someone and they think I don't have a brain to disagree with them. Drives me bloody crazy.


Now that you and I have lost my train of thought I guess its time to shower and head to school.





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The one commonality is rarely enough; I'm freaked out by the idea of using my child to make 'friends', for example. Yet, I've seen time and time again people express envy that I have a key to new friends by virtue of my child - ew. Why would I want to befriend someone by virtue of the fact they also had sex, or a turkey baster? Bah, creeptastic. We'll see if my tune changes once we start letting Leah go to playgroup. I want her to socialize normal-like, but I detest the idea of some desperate housewife trying to buddy up with me because hey, I must be as lifeless a cow as her! ><


[[radio edit]] Also, I think you meant rambling? *blushes and hides*

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Yes, yes I did Rae. *laughs* It will just give you an excuse to make fun of my spelling. I'm a terrible speller...which is why I use firefox but sometimes it doesn't catch things. *ggls*


I can't say that I'd use a child to make friends. I'm weird though in that I'm kind of a hermit and such. *laughs* I'd probably make the man take the child to playgroup etc. *laughs* Be like LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! *freaked out look..and grabs hold of door jab* I do that in the mornings before school sometimes.

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I, for one, think you have excellent taste. You obviously choose your friends based on awesomeness.


Also, have fun being cold. It's a balmy sixty-two degrees here in Virginia. *Thhpts*

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I'll try not to twitch too much then, m'lady. *winks*


My mother-in-law is tentatively going to be the one to take Leah to and from playgroup... I think she definitely will at the start, and I might tag along if I'm convinced that the coast is clear. :D

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