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It's Cold, Baby, It's Cold.. (Now With Off-Topic Mini-Rant! :D)




October Song: [[



For such a sadly-lyriced song, it is so freaky perky and cheerful. I tend to wonder if she's continued to do good things, but once she went Hella von Skankified to sell more albums, I quit listening. There is nothing Girl Power about too many tattoos and running around naked in my opinion; I do consider it objectification of woman-kind. Plus really, to get ye olde wise - 'Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free?. No, instead, try dressing to your body type, show off your good to the best - there are OODLES of sites that that help with that. Mindlessly following fashion... just gonna leave you miserable and rotting in your fake-i-tude. ;) I both want to laugh and hug the stupid children I see in the stores, looking miserable while oh-so-fashionable; they know they're dressed horribly, and look horrible... but how can that be?!


Anyways, waaaay off the track. I was more intending to grumble about the relative cold, and the fact it's giving me another cold! The weather is definitely shifting towards that wintry time of year, and the fact that I most definitely do not wish to shift myself from my blankets in the morning. Momma Nature makes up for her shunning of warmth by mocking us with glorious sunshine, GLORIOUS sunshine. We use that word for sunny days here, because proper sunny days are such a treasured anomaly. At least we're swan-and-berry-predicted for another harsh winter. Harsh winter means more snow for me to play in, yayyayyayyayyay! Our council, for all its faults, do actually lay in a good supply of salt and grit, and with shops downstairs, we tend to make it through these just fine.


I was talking about this all with Melly last night (from her perch in flooded Venice), and we are of the opinion that the term 'global warming' is wholly inaccurate. What we will agree on is that weather is becoming more extreme; she used the term 'less predictable'. I kind of wonder how predictable it ever was. Oh sure, scientists want us to believe that they can wrangle everything into understanding, but let's address global warming - how many take into account the Little Ice Age in their models? Some seem to, and some don't. While I agree that stewardship of our home planet is a right kindly thing, I don't think some of the global warming doomsayers are taking the right approach with the bludgeoning thing. Bludgeoning and scaring only works for so long before people snap and rebel, yanno?




I really keep wandering all over creation, don't I? *laughs* So I'll opt for the tl;dr: I has a cold, grumble grumble, but yay potential snow? :D


And y'know... everyone have themselves a good day!





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My mom tells me we are headed into another Ice Age. She tells me there is always a period of Global warming prior. Personally I wouldn't know because science isn't a skill I have, but my mom is a Physics person. So i'm assuming she knows what she's talking about. *laughs*


I don't understand fashion either, a gal came into work the other day with a pair of ripped up jeans. I was like, "did you buy those?" She goes "Yeah." I asked her how much they were it was something like a hundred bucks. I was like lady go to good will buy a pair of nice jeans and have fun with a pair of scissors. How is ripped jeans fashionable. I mean really! *laughs* So I don't get it.

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Mine end up a bit frayed and ripped around the feet, but that's 'cause, apparently, I have a short leg length. Well, and I still don't buy anything that sits on the waist, so... *laughs* I guess if I did buy things on the waist, then the leg length would be about right, but I'd feel so grandma if I did. :unsure:


But I'd definitely never buy a pair of jeans pre-ripped, or to rip up apurpose - I like to keep my legs covered and in the warm! My sister will turn things into culottes left and right though, so... to each their own. I'm pretty sure she'd go the thrift route, though, or the demoted clothing-to-culotte route rather than buy something torn up in advance!

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