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Cold as Ice







Though, to be fair, the only thing I'm particularly sacrificing is mobility. I'm bundled up in sweater, robe, blanket, and slippers trying to retain my leaking warmth. The sun shines outside, taunting me with its relative brightness; it's 46°F (Feels Like 42°F (8°C (Feels Like 6°C))) outside, and while it's to get up to 56°F/13°C... wait, that's still cold.




I guess I bought new shirts just in time, eh? Science!


So then, it's Monday; this is my day off, sort of. Neil will be at work, and while I'll still have Leah on hand, the day is free for doing a bit of cleaning, for relaxing, for enjoying a nice cup of coffee or two while 'working' on things. I actually don't really have anything that I need to do today. There's the standard chores, the exercise, and praying that McTinypants doesn't have a stressful day. Between frustration at trying to figure out new things and teething, she's not been a happy camper the past week. Oh, she's a touch happier now that she's figured out how to right herself after falling over, but that's still not what she fully wants, either. That's okay - it's part of growing up, the whole frustration thing. It's BEYOND childish to think that life has or should have an easy button; you'd never learn a thing if everything was that simple. Heck, one of the few somewhat romantic movies I like, The Princess Bride, has quite possibly the BEST line on the subject ever - "Life is Pain, Princess. Anyone who tells you differently is selling you something."


Maybe that's the moral of the day - finding the bits of joy amongst the dross, and accepting that life can't be a rollercoaster of joysquee. I mean, I already do - it kind of keeps one sane in the face of depression of whatever stripe. But I think, in general, it's a good thing to remind oneself of. So there you go - we're reminded to look for the good amongst the bad.


Or something.


*goes back to trying to wake up*





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