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The Queen of Thorns



Today, apparently, is possibly going to be even colder than yesterday - hello autumn! So what do we do to celebrate this chilly, predicted-to-be-overcast day? We're going to go muck through the sand hills to pick blackberries. I'm looking forward to it; the last time Neil and I did this was three years ago... right after I immigrated here. I'm not sure why the idea of getting stabbed to death by tiny nasty barbed-up bushes sounds like a fun idea, but there you go - I'm just that masochistic. ;)


I can't think of anything else specifically of note for today. We'll be watching the Chile rescue on and off, but that goes for most of the world. LotRO-ing will occur, but that's kind of normal for my junky junky self. And (ugh) exercise probably too... got to get these pounds shed. It's coming along nicely, though I'll be happy when I hit Christmas - that's when I should hit my target weight. *grins* I suspect it'll fluctuate for a little bit, but by that point... not gonna care as much.


Anyways, sorry for lack of substance - sleepy. Gonna get back to trying to wake up.




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