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A Moment of Solitude




Not real solitude, mind - Neil and Leah are still here. But Melly's buggered off to London for the day, which makes me smile. We'll tag along with her to London on her second leg of the trip when we can ditch Leah on my in-laws. As much as she's fussing today, I look forward to THAT day, heh. She's generally a very peaceful, happy child, so when she has bad days, they stand out quite a bit. I know it's her mouth bothering her - she headbutted me in the face on accident yesterday, and that reminded her of that, and... yeah..




This has been one of the hardest things about adjusting to parenthood - someone so new to being human that they don't know how stressful their stress is. I myself am easily frustrated by... well... everything, and even knowing that she doesn't understand anything other than 'NEED ATTENTION NOW!'. *shudders* I'm very slowly getting better at being able to tolerate her frustrations without getting frustrated myself, but it still leaves its mark on my day. But such is life, the finding of joy amongst the dross and dire. The happiness outweighs the few bad and frustrating moments, and wahey, bred my own retirement fund!




Anyways, these teething days will someday pass, and I can hopefully mock her pain if and when she decides to have children... bwahahah!





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