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We are Legion




Okay, not really - I have my daughter in my lap. I wrapped my robe around both of us and tied it shut, so I'm amusing myself by the reunification through terrycloth means. She's currently happily babbling away, and chewing on my ruler. I think I might give her back to her father though, since this typing thing is difficult with said ruler being driven into fleshy parts of my arm into the bones below...


*plops her back on the couch*


I'm not really sure I have anything of interest to impart or discuss yet. I'm ruing forgetting to take my nasal inhaler yesterday, as my sinuses are even rockier than normal. I've complained about it at length, but I'll do a bit more - it makes performing cognitive tasks exceedingly difficult. Since realizing that I'm a hay fever sufferer, my life HAS been improved by access to useful medications, but it only goes so far. I'm not even sure what today's plans are; it might be more for slacking and slumping, since recovering from the rigours of international travel sometimes need a bit more time. She might want to go see some of the town or village; I was intending to walk her around by my in-law's house if we were out there today. Really, we shall see what there is to see when it's the time to see it.


For now - toast!





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