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She Who Dares




So today is the first day I've really been out of the house. Well, I did go out Tuesday, but I don't think that spending three hours at the Toyota service center really counts. So, as I was sayng, I got to go out.


My best friend Maddi picked me up and we went on a girl date- i.e. to the M.A.C. cosmetic counter at Belk. Why the special trip to the makeup counter? Because M.A.C. has a limited edition line of makeup inspired by the Disney villains Cruella DeVille, Maleficent, Dr. Facilier, and The Wicked Queen from Snow White, and let me tell you it's friggin awesome! They had a huge set up outside Belk that included several makeup chairs and 4 set based on each character where you could have your picture taken (by male models :wink:), and several makeup artists to help you out.


Now, Maddi and I have very different makeup styles. She tends to go for the classic Audrey Hepburn type look, where as I prefer the dark and dramatic- which is probably why all of the male models kept wanting to take my picture because my normal everyday make up looked like what the makeup artists were doing. Yeah. I look like a villain in everyday life. :biggrin: But, Maddi and I are also very cheap. So, despite all of the products that we wanted, we only walked out with one item a piece: Maddi got a tube of lipstick, from the Wicked Queen collection, for 16 bucks, and I got some eyeshadow, from the Maleficent collection (called 'She Who Dares', hence the title of today's entry), for around 21. It was difficult, but we made it through and we can say that we have lost our M.A.C. virginity.


So that was my big adventure for the day.


I am feeling much better. I have my voice back now, and the sore throat is gone. The antibiotics that I'm on tend to make me a little light headed and dizzy, but in the long run it's worth it.


Well, I think I've "talked" your ears off enough, so I'm gonna shut up for now.


I hope that everyone has a wonderful night, and thanks for listening to me ramble.


Cutely Causing Chaos,

Zoey Cakes



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