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Call Me, Call Me...





While I love this track, and consider it one of the best moping songs ever, it's more in my head 'cause I'm a moronic knob. I, apparently, forgot to get Mellyn's flight numbers, so I'm going to have to be playing the guessing game once I get into work and have a fix on the actual arrival time. I think we wrote it down on my mother-in-law's calendar. If I didn't, she's gonna set me on fire fretting about bad things happening 'cause not knowing the exact schedule and order of things. Heck, I even forgot what airport she was coming through; here's hoping I gave her correct transport information to get here. *blush* I know I did - I spotted it in my MSN logs from a month ago or so, but I know I didn't reiterate it. I guess, worst comes to worst, I'll call her once she messages me that she's touched down, since we made sure to send her an old mobile to use while she's here.


Otherwise - achoo. I made some crazy strides in the War on Dust last night, and even found the far side of my desk again. I'm a tiny bit cross that Neil's desk isn't done yet; I wanted it all done by yesterday so the dust would have a day to settle, and thereby not potentially kill our poor dust-sensitive company. But since he's not really all together after two surgeries in one week (he had seven teeth pulled across two different days - I'd say yeowch, but I had nine in one day once *grins*), he's having to take it easy. It was pleasing that he realized that I do know how he feels, since that's how I felt from 14-27//getting pregnant. I DIDN'T have the energy to do simple tasks, I WASN'T in any shape to do more than sit and stare. I'm so glad that, besides giving me the cutie little bratty, it gave my body a hard reset and made it so I actually was able to live again. It makes me so happy to be able to actually do things, and to not channel it all into this little idiot box.. because that's the only way I could manage to do ANYTHING useful for much too long, heh.


In other news - crazy purple potatoes. I do love purple (if not purple food - eggplant and I still don't get on), so I'm mainly curious as to how it tastes. I'm very picky about the taste of potato, vastly preferring a good red to anything else due to its flavour and texture... and butter absorption abilities. *whistles* We don't shop at Sainsbury, so it'll likely be a while before we try them... but it will be a fun and interesting thing to do.





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