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Pure Morning




And a pure British morning at that - it's cold, it's overcast, and it might just be raining. I'm slowly making my way through my morning e-routine - checking Facebook/Twitter/LJ/Google Reader, the news, the weather. I'm taking my pile of pills, and once again cursing the solidness that is my sinuses, and more so for knowing that as bad as it is - it's still SIGNIFICANTLY better than it was last year.


I know that there's a lot of things I need to do today; company is inbound. It's one of my dear friends that I met on this site (though she left many many years ago and only comes about if I drag her; she's smarter about avoiding the never-changing drama pit that is this place). Mellyn doesn't do well with dust, so today is for massive amounts of dusting, if only so it has tomorrow to settle back down before invading her sinuses. Honestly though, I'm tempted to just let it sit around being dusty - that'll bother her less than it being in the air, and really, I just don't feel like doing it... but we'll see what happens. :)


I mean, unless any of you want to come and clean for me... I could play more LotRO then.





Anyways, I should organize a list or something, though it would come down to the usual consensus of:



(once again, compliments of Hyperbole and a Half)



Which just means that my brain shuts down trying to figure out what 'all the things' is constituted of. There's corners of this room that are going to require a machete and the World's Strongest Vacuum™® to get through. >< For now, though... gonna see if I can try to get my head to unblock enough to make me feel that teensy bit more human.





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