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Yes. I'm still alive. Amazing, yeah?



So, I noticed that my last entry was dated 19 September. Yeah... I honestly didn't mean to go that long, but che sera, sera I suppose.


I did have a lovely Sukkot camping trip thingy ma bob, very nice and peaceful. The only downside was Pat getting a sore throat- he did get over it fairly quickly though- and then giving it to me- I'm just now starting to get over it.


But, sickness aside, I had a blast. As I said, it was peaceful. And I am as content as a cucumber, which is a lovely, lovely feeling. I hope it lasts- for a really long time.


So, yeah. I'm getting over this sick crap. Yay. My house is an absolute wreck, and it's driving me insane! Though, Pat was a dear and vacuumed today. :happy: I've got jewelry orders that are starting to back up, hoarding grandparents to unpack *shudder*, and various other things that are on a "I have to get this done as soon as possible or my parents will nag me relentlessly about it until I do" basis. And, it has just occurred to me that the holiday season is just around the corner, kicked off by our anniversary on the 21st of this month. Dear lord, I need to stop thinking about all of this. It's damaging my state of calm...


Ok. Here endeth the rant.


Oh! Here's some happy news! One of my absolute favorite movies is coming out on a high definition Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack tomorrow...er...today (I guess it all depends on your timezone)- Beauty and the Beast! I don't care how old I am, I absolutely adore that movie. So :tongue:. Take that.


Well, I think I'm going to (finally) go to bed now, seeing as I'm still sick and all.


Still Cutely Causing Chaos (even if I am still pretty much mute),




P.S. Pat has joined DM!!!!!! So, if you see a total hottie called 'Barbarian' lurking about give him a poke and say hello. He's a total sweetie, if I may say so myself. :wink:


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