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Two Blondes Walk into a Bar.. Eerr.. I mean a MSN convo..

Little Miss



EPIC Conversation between me two Wifey Sisters :P


Bee: I should let you go sleepy, mhm


Charis: >_>


Charis: I like to pretend I live in Texas


Charis: and that my life is just two hours ahead of me


Bee: heh


Charis: however, I have been told that a) that theory makes little to no sense and b) that it is very difficult to think about


Bee: O.O what would you do if you lived in texas! time would be all sorts of weird O,O


Charis: *laughs*


Charis: I would NEVER want to live in Texas, oh nooooo


Bee: haha!


Charis: too much desert


Charis: and too many...


Charis: >_>


Charis: <_<


Bee: O.O


Charis: *says very quietly*


Charis: cowboysandhicks


Bee: eh, catchy >.>


Bee: I like ponies! ... but they're drawl would be difficult


Charis: and the muuusic


Bee: eh cowboy drawl


Charis: I like a little country, but too much, ooh, nooooo


Bee: moooo sick?


Charis: sick cows, that be bad too


Bee: hehe music-> moosick :)


Charis: lol, duh


Charis: *facepalm*



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