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Reaction to Chapter 1 of Towers of Midnight (spoilers)




Amidst the last few books it can be difficult to remember that good things happened once. With the touch of the Shadow laying heavy on the Pattern, the warping of reality, the insanity of Rand, and the hubris of Aes Sedai, remembering the minor characters that once did a good deed for our heroes seems like it would never pay off, right?


Well, we're wrong.


The first chapter to Towers of Midnight blew my mind. It reached back not just one or two books, but all the way to Eye of the World. Not only did it do that, but it reached to an absurdly minor character, a farmer that gave Rand and Mat a ride and refused to divulge information on them. All without ever expecting a reward.


My first reaction upon seeing the character, I confess, resembled a sigh. But I kept on, hoping against hope that I'd be rewarded. And I was.


I am going to try not to spoil the entire thing, but suffice to say Rand shows up and we get to see him through this farmer's point of view. We can see his reaction and contrast it with those in The Gathering Storm. He has changed. A lot.


The major theme in this chapter seems to be rather karmic. Good gets repaid with good; the worries that poor Almen had been feeling get cleansed away with the Dragon's presence. The old debt Rand had to him is repaid, and in full.


This chapter is, perhaps, my favorite in the entire series so far. Bringing out an old character like Almen Bunt, giving his point of view, and using him as an instrument to see how much Rand has changed and to put forth the idea that if you good, good will happen to you is exceptionally well done here.


You can read this chapter at any number of places; check DM's front page for details.



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haha awesome couldnt have said better

i loved that chapter as well

def one of my favs chapter in the series

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