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Let's protect the kids...




For those of you who read my previous entries, you might have seen the post about the It Gets Better Project, in which sex advice columnist Dan Savage invites queer adults to make youtube videos talking about how their lives got better after high school was over and they got into the real world. He was inspired to start that project by the rash of recent youth suicides that have been all over the news, suicides that were the direct result of bullying due to the victims perceived (or actual) sexuality.


There's something you can do now, that will help create a real change in America to protect these kids. There's a bill in the US House of Representatives, with a companion in the Senate, that adds perceived or real sexuality to a list of protected classes for students in public schools; it makes it so that harassing a student in a public school based on their sexuality is legally an act of discrimination; and it makes it legal for victims of this abuse to bring their abusers to court if the government won't charge them.


The ACLU is supporting the bill, and has created a tool for you to send a letter to your legislators asking them to support the bill. I don't always support the ACLU, but in this instance, I think they're doing great work. Here is the link for you to send in your letter.



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