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Adventures in Junk




This adventure is likely to fail before it begins, but d@#$it, I'm going to try.


See, my husband and I started being mindful of what we were eating and exercising back on ((American)) Independence day. We'd just bought a nice recumbent exercise bicycle (having confirmed that I do have hay fever; meds mean I can sit indoors without dying. Outdoors is out of the f$%^ing question.), and we've been doing a bang-up job of not having any particularly bad splurginess. And that's the adventure - attempting to have a junky day. We intended to when we went to that steam fayre the other week... but I failed. I had an extra soda when I'd intended to eat Belgian Waffles and fried foods while rolling through piles of candy floss (cotton candy; stupid needing to write a bilingual blog!).


So since we're going down to visit his friends in Reading today, it's another chance to try and have a single junky day. Everyone needs the occasional splurge day, dieters included; little rewards go a long way towards keeping morale high. The problem is when that splurge turns into a streak, which I guess is a worry for most people. Me, I've never been a comfort eater, and most of my junk food eating of the past is just because my damned metabolism demands food to keep going, lest I risk passing out.


I got of track again, didn't I?




But yes, the friends we're going to visit manage and live at a pub down near Reading. Pubs in this country are, generally, gastropubs - the normal British culture of drinking has be vilified to the point that people are almost scared to drink, and the smoking ban didn't help either (not that I'll complain about that in cases were pubs have, at least, a space to put out a table or something outside for people). But there are tons of glorious little nibbles, large meals, and beautiful desserts, not to mention having a few drinks themselves - beers and ciders DO have calories, mes amis! ;) So while I don't intend to get excess-tastic... here's hoping that, at least, I let myself have a bit of a treat. It'll be interesting to see if or what I can manage - Neil was commenting that our portion size has come down so smoothly that we're definitely eating less than we used to...


Anyways, la! Now to try and think up if there's anything else to write; I've still got my 'real' blog to do, hee hee. I'm honestly just amazed I managed to crap this much up with so little caffeine in me, but I've got so much to do before we hit the road...







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