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Puneh! (Little Things)




Hah, I have a feeling I'm starting to sound a bit whiny with the 'Waaah, I'm still sick!', but it's not intentional. I'm not pity-fishing (ew!), but rather, stating my state. That's kind of one of my things - the whole 'this is my actual state, why would I lie about it?' sort of thing. The closest I get to fibbing on that is excluding mentioning things, such as when I'm furiously pissed off - most people have no idea if/when I am, 'cause I respectfully hide my dragon's temper and harpy's tongue as best I may. I'm still doing my best to get things done - I'm at work, preparing to grind through what I can before our dentist appointment this afternoon. I still intend to get my exercise done tonight, and hopefully chores as well. I'll be lucky to get anything else done - time seems to be shorter these days. Though that could just be the changing of the seasons...


Anyways, yesssh.... should work or something. Like a MOTHERF*CKING ADULT!


Oh, and and and, if I didn't hit you with it yesterday - go read this for great justice (and lulz):






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Hyperbole and a Half is an -hilaaarious- blog; I'm always happy to pass it on! And pfft, you're fine - I'm glad that you enjoy sharing in what I have to share. I enjoy it when you do too, so win/win? ;)

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Aww, hee hee. I think I've gotten used to people looking at me funny - when I'm comfortable, I'm massively random and confusing. :D

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