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Hi, my name is Phelix, and I'd like just a few minutes of your time for a survey...




So, traditional political campaigns rely heavily on phone surveys. You poll the District before you support a candidate to make sure they stand a chance in winning; you run phone surveys to check your messaging; you call voters who have yet to submit their ballots.


Something is changing, though, as more and more people move away from having a landline, the voters reached by phone are an ever aging demographic. Before the advent of cell phones, every voter was registered to their home and they had a telephone that was attached to their home. Their numbers were in the Directory, and you could reach any voter that way. Now, however, many voters either don't use a landline telephone or they choose not to list their cell numbers. For those that do list their cell numbers, many of them don't take blocked calls or simply don't answer numbers they don't recognize (I'm one of those myself).


This leads us to the question of how to contact the voters in the coming generation. It is getting to the point where only voters over 50 answer calls, and usually only at their landline. While those voters are the most regular voters, the most likely to vote, and the most likely be informed, they won't be around forever. As they age and pass on, the generations below them will become the most likely voters. We have to find out how to reach them.


I wonder what the next generation will come up with to remove themselves from unwanted contact.



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