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A lion or a lamb?




Many progressive groups are coming up disillusioned with President Obama. When he was merely a candidate, he made a lot of promises, and now that he has been elected, those promises are getting pushed aside or amended. Examples would be his promise for a single payer universal insurance, his promise to have the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) passed in his first year, his promise to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell, his promise to extend Equality to those wanting to marry someone of the same sex.


On some of the queer issues, he has even gone against what he promised on the campaign trail entirely. When one of the California lawsuits for civil marriage reached a federal court of appeals, Obama's Justice Department submitted an outrageous brief to the court that made bigoted claims without factual support. And on those issues he told the queer community he would be a "fierce advocate."


When it came to Health Care Reform, Obama bent over backwards to reach across the isle, trying extremely hard to get Republicans to work with him, and when they wouldn't, he kept moving closer to their positions. In the end, the Health Care Reform bill we got was a step in the right direction, but it is also a far cry from what Obama, and the other Democratic leaders, promised when they ran. Now that we're looking at a potential Republican wave coming into congress in these midterms, whose leadership is listing their top priorities as repealing Health Care Reform, repealing Wall Street Reform, killing ENDA, protecting the sanctity of marriage, and more, it seems like for the second half of his term, Obama won't be able to follow through on his promises either.


Personally, I did not vote for either Obama or McCain. I didn't think either was the correct choice for our country, but I know many people who did vote for Obama. When he campaigned, he promised a lot. His rhetoric was fiery, and he built up a voting bloc that successfully put him into office, based on a rather liberal set of policies. Now that he hasn't followed through on those promises, having broken some and postponed others, his base isn't nearly as excited to support the Democrats anymore.


They thought they were electing a lion, and with all the roaring he did, Obama looked like a lion of a politician; but it seems, more and more, like we elected an ineffective politician who just happens to be able to give a damned fine speech.



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