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It Was Acceptable in the 80s (Also, Need Ideas)




I woke up with this song in my head, though I couldn't tell you why. And like... not the whole song - just the one line, and a bit of the electro-hook behind it. I'm guessing I must've had some sort of dream relevant to that song, or containing that song, but do I remember what it was? No, not really.


Also, I'm making sure to write enough to where one needs to click "View full entry", as I feel a bit sheepish about the full throwing off the blog front page. I mean, hooray if you enjoyed my poorly rendered pony, but I didn't mean to inflict the entire lot on everyone (or, at least, the people bored enough to paw through these blogs). Though, I admit, I'd love to see more people doing Bad Art™®; I used to maintain a gallery of fine MS Paint work from other DMers that was, primarily, Wheel of Time themed. I'm pretty sure that I still have all the relevant files, but I don't know if I can be bothered to redo the webpage. It had been on Geocities, and we all saw what happened there (RIP Geocities, we still love you).


Anyways, I come bearing more bad art. And I ask, the two of you that are probably half-assedly flipping through here, for ideas. I don't want anything complex, 'cause this is more about trying to force my poor stupid hands into doing decent things, but simple things... I'm willing to consider. *smiles* As it were, I definitely ended up doing more with my right hand than I initially intended to - it's just.. so much easier in some ways.


So, without further ado, here's today's shipment of Bad Art™®:









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