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These Are the Days That Drive You Crazy




spigots or caudrens  

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OKay! I'm so glad to finally get back here and chill out for awhile. It has been 7 days of Hell but I'm glad that I was able to make it back without committing any serious crimes against humanity. I do have have a few gripes and/or pet peeves to discuss or VENT on.


First, I really wish people would just READ THE FREAKING SIGNS. There are signs everywhere...as a society, we are obsessed with them. A sign here or sigh there and they're all conveniently in our language (plus a few others) so please just look around and read them. Obey them...cuddle them because signs are your friends. They tell you how to think and what we want you to do or not do.


Also, on a 4 lane highway, there are two lanes per direction. In those wonderful lanes, there is a fast lane on the left for going the speed limit, also called a passing lane and a right lane for casual traveling and general sight seeing. Please learn them and choose which one you're in the mood for before leaving the house. Going 5mph in the fast lane when it's a posted 65mph zone is just....suicidal. Don't look surprised when people with less control over their emotions try to run you over and yell things out the window in the process.


Now, people...if you don't have possession of a driver's license then you cannot drive a vehicle. This is a well documented fact. Yet, they never seem to have it with them when they attempt to pay for something. "I left it at the house," is growing increasingly tiresome to my ears. So, you're driving illegally? I can buy a passport and have everything taken care of but if I leave it at home.....guess what? I don't get to travel. A driver's license works the same way. I can't take your check without a valid ID. You think I'm crazy? Try flying to Greece and then while being detained...try to explain to the Customs agents that you have a passport but "just left it at home," and see how far that will get you.


Also, if at all possible please make sure there is a barcode on the item you wish to purchase. I know many of you around town and appreciate a "Hey Lowe's guy" as well as the next guy but please refrain from asking me to assist with your home improvement projects while in the restroom. Kinda akward and all. :rolleyes: Oh, and for the love of all that is holy...we don't have pansies yet. Please quit asking, they'll be here when they get here. I will never fully understand why they are loved so much.


Well, that's all I've got right now. I need rest, and good shower, and SportsCenter before I'm fully centered and ready to bring love to the world again. :wink:


Keep on smiling,






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