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An epic journey has begun.....




……and I’ve already messed it up. I had a fantastic opening post written, and then my session timed out when I tried to save & submit it. Doh.


I’m starting out great, eh? Let’s see, what the heck can I remember from that post?


Well, it was really funny – that’s for sure. Let’s just agree on that to start, mmkay? So, this is my first ever blog, and my first ever post in said blog. Pretty cool, right?


I’ll use this space to talk about random stuff, mmorpgs (mostly World of Warcraft), work-related stuff, humor, mafia, or whatever catches my fancy at the moment. I’ll try to post as often as I can, cause who wants a dead blog anyway, amirite?


So, I guess I’m not going to remember anything else from the epically awesome first post that the evil monster of the interwebz decided to eat. I’ll just finish drinking my iced coffee I bought from the work caf this morning. I’ll need approximately 7 more to make it through the day.


Signing off. Stay tuned people – this is going to be awesome. And funny. Like, more funny than Barm. I know, I know, what’s the challenge, right? Perhaps I should aim for something a little more difficult to obtain….


Btw, credit for the name of this blog goes to Nyn. If you like it, tell her so. If you don’t, tell her so. O_o See y’all soon.





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