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Gunmetal Gray



It's amazing how a little bit of eyeshadow and some good music can give a girl the moxy she needs to face the day (of course fabulous friends do wonders as well. :)). Gunmetal gray is my eyeshadow color of choice when I don't have the time to do full eye makeup. And, honestly, what's not to love about that color? It goes with everything, and it's pretty darn sexy. Take that and add it with happy music, complete with distorted guitars and haunting vocals, and then you've got a pretty happy Zo on your hands.


I'll admit that when I first got up this morning I was feeling pretty bogged down and stressed. But over the course of the day that anxiety has faded into a cool relaxation- especially since I just took a lovely hot shower. I am now content, and seriously considering warming up some left over chicken tenders and watching a horror movie or five. Sounds like the making of a great evening, if you ask me.


So, all in all, my day was good and was mostly spent helping my Grandmother. Gran was, and still is, a bit of a shop-a-holic. But those tendencies didn't crop up until after my Grandfather passed away 14 years ago. That was her way of coping with the pain of his loss. She lost a good deal of weight, and I'm pretty sure that she had the Home Shopping Network on her speed dial. Then about 5 years ago she moved into an apartment building that was specifically for those who were 55 and over. So we went through her mountains of clothes and moved her downtown. It was here that she met her, now, "fiance", a widower whom we lovingly call Pop. He gut her out of her rut; he made her truly happy again. The next thing we knew, they were off together, either to Mississippi to gamble or Tennessee for Christmas- heck, they even went to Paris! Now, sadly, their apartment build has greatly deteriorated, thanks mostly to new management that has let just anybody move in, and they have now started having problems with drugs in the building. So, Granny and Pop have found themselves a new apartment and plan to move in together. But, that means combining two households and lots of stuff, and getting it ready to move on October 1st. It's gonna be a lot of work, but totally worth it. :)


I hope that you, who ever you may be, have had a wonderful day and thanks for reading my ramblings. :)


Cutely Causing Chaos,



P.S. I've attached a picture of my Granny and Pop. It was taken during my wedding reception. :)


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They're a hoot! And Pop never meets a stranger- not even in Paris! I need to send you one of his business cards, you'd love it. :)

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