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Political Advertising...




I'm back in the office today, and considering all the political ads running around the TV these days. We're in the middle of a hard Senatorial race here in Washington State. The incumbent has been our Senator for most of my life, and is currently the fourth most senior Senator in Washington DC. She holds a lot of political clout and sends home a lot of pork. Her challenger is a Republican who has run for Governor here in Washington twice, and failed both times. He challenged for the open Governor's office and lost to a female Democratic candidate, and then challenged her again in a rematch.


So far, their ads have been fairly predictable. He blames her for the economy, lost jobs, and everything else that is wrong, while claiming he would do better. She says she has experience, has brought back real jobs and results to our state, and that he only really cares about big businesses. They both have some facts, they both twist them, and they both are doing their best to paint the other as the worst option possible.


Here's a news segment where a local reporter dissects part of the Democratic candidate's most recent ad.


A question that has come up in almost every political race I can think of: Are politics getting dirtier? Were they any nicer "back in the good ol' days?"


I don't think they were. When I speak with older politicians, they remember the fights being just as dirty, it's just the arena that has changed. Instead of sending out dueling press releases, or meeting to debate at the local Kiwanis club, candidates these days put out attack ads and mailers, and rarely meet for debate. When they do actually face off, it's usually not for a debate, but rather to simply take turns spouting their talking points.


All in all, I'm not happy with the direction we're moving. There is less information and more spin than ever being given to the voters. How long until all the voters have is spin?



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