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From: WT Current Events and Activities - READ ME!!!!!!





Welcome, one and all, to the thread that will keep you up to date on current and quickly approaching events and activities here in the White Tower. Sometimes it's hard keeping up with all the fun so we are posting this thread to help everyone keep up so that we can ensure maximum participation which will result in exponentially much more fun for all. :biggrin:


So, the current event as of today, November 10, 2014, is the Warder Gameshow Week put on by the Cuen! It's a somewhat scaled back event due to real life events for the main organizers but Kronos is offering added incentive for participating in the activity they do have. Trust me . . . if you win that incentive, it'll be worth your while! :wink:


Cuen Gameshow Week - November 2 through November 15 wheeloffortune.jpeg


Here's the announcement thread (with Kronos' incentive offer):




And here is the activity thread:




For future events, we'll probably only post the announcement thread as most announcement threads have links to each activity. However, due to the scaled back size of this event, I'm posting the activity link here as well.



Also coming up this month:


The Gray Ajah's Thanksgiving Event, November 17 through November 23




The Brown Ajah's Bann Book Week, November 24 through December 3 banned%20books.jpg



With such fantastic events lined up for your enjoyment, we do hope you will drop in and participate!



Source: WT Current Events and Activities - READ ME!!!!!!



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