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What about Bob




This story features two humans on a quest for ... well on a quest.


Agitha is a human sorceress in the prime of her life, with long jet black hair, a silky complexion, perceptive green eyes and a haughty attitude; determination and cunning are her allies. She searches for the power to over throw her homes ruling body in a desperate plight for revenge knows no bounds or obstacles.


Dario is a human ranger in the prime of his life as well. Well adapted to the life of a wondering mercenary with defined muscles, a pension for rapiers, and day old stubble on his strong chin, his "cup is half full" attitude knows no bounds to the adventures he gets up to. His life style makes him hungry to make a name for himself, with all the riches and glory that comes with it.


Kicked out of a town for a brawl gone bad and on the road once more, what sort of adventures will this unlikely pair find themselves in? Will they live to see the next day? Will Agitha ever follow through on her threat to magic missile Dario?


The answer to all this, and more, every week on your same bat channel on your same bat time.



Chapter 1: A Beginning ... well, sorta


Chapter 2: Chamber Pot! Get yer Chamber Pot here!


Chapter 3: Three teeth, two travelers and a bush


Chapter 4: Big Brother & Little Gregor



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