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From: Yellow Ajah FIREFLY Event [Opening Post]





Hello peeps!


The Yellow Ajah is happy to present an event dedicated to, Firefly, one of the greatest shows ever created by no other than the awesome sauce Joss Whedon. This is a show that met its maker way way way WAY too soon and left us all hanging. Luckily the amazingly dedicated fan base and the successful DVD earning has enabled the creation of a movie, called Serenity, to wrap up the series properly. My favorite movie, btw ;)


We have quite a few fans in the Yellows and we wanted to do a tribute to the show in the form of discussions, fun and games. This event will be hosted for a week. If you have not watched the show, beware, there are going to be spoilers, specifically in the discussion thread. So if this show intrigued you and you plan to watch it, stay away from the discussions. And hey, you could easily watch it and come play with us!!!


If you're a fan, JUMP IN.... lets aim to misbehave ;)




Event Threads:


- Discussion about the wonderful 'verse of Firefly


- What Firefly character are you? Personality Quiz


- Shiny Firefly Puzzle Game


- Fox Mocking and Ridiculing


- Firefly snazzy slang and Chinese awesome


- All Firefly Trivia





Time for some thrilling heroics :wink:



Source: Yellow Ajah FIREFLY Event [Opening Post]


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