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From: How Dark and Sexualized Would A WoT TV/Movie Be?





what does this thread show about society??????? well lets take a moment and analyze shall we.....So, I wonder, how to judge popularity of a thread????? then it came to me.......... replies to view ratio....so we take the 2868 views and divide this by the replies 176. this comes up to a reply for about every fifteen people. Then i took a look throughout this forum to see if anyother subject has caused such fiery debate. and well the simple answer is maybe.....This thread didn't have the most views or replies, that was "The WOT Movie", with 132,298 views and 1289 replys, which is only one reply for about every 102 people. I then compared the thread with the most views and replies to how many months the threads been alive. and since "The WOT Movie" topic was born on jan 09 that is 64 months, so that would equal 2,067 views per months and about 20 replies per month. while this one is 895 views per months but a whopping 58 replies per month. why is it in todays society everybody is not only so interested sex, but loves to talk about it?????????



Source: How Dark and Sexualized Would A WoT TV/Movie Be?


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