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From: The Easiest and Most Feasible Way for Wot in Media...





I never thought that The Wheel of Time should be made into a film of any kind because it would leave out details that are needed for it to be done properly. Then I got to thinking, how could it possibly be done with any kind of accuracy? I realized the answer, treat it for the Artwork that the Series is. They can't leave out a single sylable, and instead of thinking in a single medium they need to think bigger, not only for the length, but the Master Piece it is. We use more than one type of animation, we use them all, from anime to computer generated and even live action. The style should reflect the mood of the book, but they don't leave anything out. I would do the first and last books in live-action, so they can film them all at once, a la Lord of the Rings. They would probably age appropriately with the books also. I would have them release the movies one a month, it would revolutionize the movies.



Source: The Easiest and Most Feasible Way for Wot in Media...



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