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How to Sell Hair for Human Hair Wigs




Got hair? If you're willing to part with it, here is how to sell hair for human hair wigs and make money. Have a question? Get an answer from a personal finance professional now!






Seek out people and companies buying hair to make human hair wigs. This can be a great way to make money if you have what wig makers are looking for.


Search online for human hair wig makers, hair buyers or places to sell hair. Some examples include ebay.com, craigslist.org, thehairtrader.com and hairbuyer.com.

You may also want to check around locally if you have any companies in your area who are buying human hair for wigs.



Keep in mind, buyers making human hair wigs want to buy virgin hair, usually 10 inches or longer. The hair should be in excellent condition and not chemically processed such as by perms or dyes.




Figure out how much money you can sell the hair for. Look at hair currently for sale, or completed sales of hair that is similar to what you have. Take into consideration any fees involved.


You'll find the amount of money paid varies depending on the demand, hair color, length etc.



When selling hair online, make sure you have good photos and a detailed description of how your hair has been cared for.


Set a price for your hair or allow people to make offers on it, depending on the venue where you choose to put it up for sale.



Once you have found a buyer to sell your hair to for human hair wigs, agree on a price and payment arrangements. Follow any instructions the buyer may have on how they want the hair cut off, stored, shipped etc.


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Hi there, thanks for sharing this. I have never known how to sell the hair. One of my friends wanted to sell her hair, after reading this article she can know sold her hair. Actually she wants to sell her hair and buy the remy human hair wigs for the women who have hair issues. But she doesn't know how to sell the wig, but now she can. Thank you once again.

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