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From: Red Ajah: International Women's Week (IWW 2014)







To the 2014 Edition of the Red Ajah's International Women's Week!






Our older members will know what this event is all about but for our recent additions to the Group allow me to elaborate.


As you may or may not know the world celebrates International Woman's Day every year on 8th of March. Being the Ajah of Equality (amongst other thing), the Red Ajah has been an advocate for this event ever since 2007 when we worked on the concept of implimenting this event as one of our yearly Group Events.


Over the years some people have commented about the use of these events and whether it wasn't outdated. Fair questions and if you live in an area where women's issues are indeed a thing of the past, then good on you! You and your peers in your community have reached the point where the rest of the world still needs to arrive.

However, allow me the freedom to question whether your region truly is that far ahead already.


The vast majority of these issues occur namely behind closed doors and while you may not be aware of them happening around you, make no mistake. They are. Not one of you do not know at least 1 woman personally that hasn't been the recipient of discrimination, sexual assault or domestic violence. Not one of you does not know at least one woman that has been hiding her pain in the dark and puts on a brave face in public. You ALL know at least 1 woman like that in your personal entourage. At work, in your hobby club, at your grocery shop, she is there. Somewhere. You know her by name. You interact with her on a personal level. She is part of your life. Whether you are aware of it or not. This is a proven fact, not some twisted wishful thought. The vilainisation of abused women where they are told that somehow they brought it on themselves is still happening and is still causing women to shut up and play nice. And bear their pain in secret. Your comfort is more important to them than their own justice. How's that for a mind twister?


Why do I speak so vividly, you ask? Glad you asked. Because I am one of those women. I was abused when I was 5. I was abused when I was 13. I have been subjected to verbal abuse later on when I wasn't 'sexual' enough to my boyfriend's taste and I know first hand how to hide behind a wall of self-protection.


I am not a Muslim woman, I was raised a Catholic. I do not live in a third world country, I am a daughter of the West.

So much for the stereotype that these things 'only happen in backward places'. Yes, the purpetraitors of these crimes are backward. But they live amongst all of us. You also know them, although you will most probably not realise it as they too are experts in hiding their true face.



Change must still come for millions of girls and women, in every country around the world. We must keep the fire alive. We must keep the passion burning.





YOU are our future and I believe in you



IWW Activities:


(I will add a list of our activities once they have been posted. If you'd like to anticipate, you can start looking up people you feel are an inspiration to changing women's issues for the better)





Source: Red Ajah: International Women's Week (IWW 2014)



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