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i want to thank robert jordan and his wife harriet. this series has been a shining light that has gotten me through some rough times and made the good times that much more pleasurable. i have been reading it for over 15 yrsnow. rereading it every time a new book came out. i just finished a memory of light, and im not ashamed to say i cried at the nobility of spirit shown by the characters i have grown to know and love as the world was ending around them and they fought hold on to their very existence. thank you harriet for choosing brandon sanderson to finish the work. he did as well as anyone but the master himself could have. i wanted to email you to thank , but as you value your privacy this seemed the best option. i am sure you have heard this many times, but i love mr. jordan for the gift of this amazing story he has given us all. thankyou.


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I 2nd that 200%.  I have only been reading this series for a couple years now, but in my mind the WOT is by VERY far the best series I have ever encountered.  I am an avid sci-fi/Fantasy reader but nothing ever came close to the pure EPICNESS of these books.  I remember throughout the series feeling the emotional swings up and down with each character.  During the last 3 books (AMoL Especially) I rode an intense emotional rollercoaster. From tearing up with joy at a time-crucial reunion, to the devastatingly hard impact of a death that can only be described as absolutely beautiful.  I have never experience something so perfect in every aspect.  I plan on re-reading each and every book and eventually passing this amazing story down the generations.  I first started reading this series at the suggestion of a random forum post I read on a site that I had never been to before.  After finishing the last book, I experienced conflicting emotions of absolute joy of the end of this epic tale and depression with the realization that there was no more to read.  Each member of Team Jordan has the right to stand tall and proud forever with the knowledge that this masterpiece will never fade.  I thank you, all of you, for creating a true work of art.  

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