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How I lost my fish named Roland.




We were discussing pets on chat Wednesday evening with Shara, Leelou and Nolder. We all came up with the easiest pets to handle. I thought fish were the easiest as I had already had one. His name was Roland.... Yes Roland, judge me if you will. I was young impressionable and I liked the sound of the name.


Roland was given to me as a birthday present by my brother's ex girlfriend. He was a beautiful fish, black and gleaming, but always swimming in his tank without a care the world. I was envious of the little bugger. Yes I know. Envious of a fish! I hear you snickering in the background. However think about it. He was taken care of, his tank cleaned regularly, his food miraculously appearing from the sky... my hand sprinkling it over the tank.


To Roland I was his goddess. I looked after him. I cared for him. I loved him. He loved me back, at least I hope he did as much as fish can feel love anyway. This was when I was 14 years old.


I moved when I turned 15, and Roland unfortunately did not move with me. It was impractical, plus planes do not allow pets on board without much paperwork and fees, and more fees, and quarantine.... (Not sure what the policy was on fish but I assumed it was the same)


So I left Roland, my sister would take care of him, send me updates....until one day the updates stopped. Weeks went by, still no mention of my glistening black fish named Roland. I finally ask my sister when I speak to her, how's my Roland?


The silence on her side made me nervous, she hesitantly said... "Roland is dead." I was calm. I ask quietly... "How?


"You see I was doing some rearranging of the furniture and moved the tank close to the tv." She replied. Now my brother was a tech geek, so we had a monstrosity with wires and speakers everywhere....


"He blew up." She said to me.


So my brother and my sister inadvertently killed my baby fishy Roland. He was killed by the vibrations from the speakers and the closeness to the tv. You could say he was a victim of technology poor little mite.


Fare thee well my dear Roland.


I was never the same. I am 27 years old now and still think of you. No more adoration for your goddess....



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Oh my god... what a nasty way to go :/ i know how close you can get to tiny pets - I had a duckling called Pieps once, unfortunately my littlest bro stepped on him when he was learning to walk... >.<

Anyhoo, may they live on in our hearts <3

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