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Exploring Dr Who: Watching the show for the first time.

Moon Sedai



As many of you guys and ladies know, I have never really taken the time to sit down and I am now exploring Dr Who. Who. I’ve seen an episode here and there, I’ve even met Sylvester McCoy (the Seventh Doctor), and a run-in with Doctor Four was crucial in the back story of one [...]

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I am so excited for you to be watching these!


really nice article. lol, I love K9, tho I love the 4th doctor, too.


what you say about him reminds me of my first impressions of smith tho... I can see where he'd have been hard to transition to from the first three. he was my first, and as a kid watching him on a tiny black and white screen I didn't get the full on impact of his OTT colorful self.



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Great post, Moon!  My Dr. Who experience has been limited to Eccleston (perfection in my opinion) and the first season with Tennant (great with Rose, but can't bear to watch him with his new companion).  I just can't work up any enthusiasm to continue past that.  However, the 4th Doctor sounds interesting, so maybe I need to go look that the past seasons as well.

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I know it's kinda lame that i'm only watching on Netflix, but I don't have the budget to acquire DVDS or DVD streaming on my netflix. 
When I finish the classic doctors, I'm gonna watch the new ones. 

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